inventree-approval (0.6)

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pip install --index-url  inventree-approval

About this package

Approvals for InvenTree


Plugin for generic approval workflows in InvenTree. Requires InvenTree 0.13.0 or newer.


Adds a general-purpose approval system to InvenTree. It allows users to request approval for certain actions, and for others to approve or reject those requests. It is designed to be flexible and extensible and can be used to implement a wide range of approval workflows.

The current testing and development focus is on the ability to request approval for orders (especially purchase orders), the plugin by default blocks unapproved POs from being placed.



More info

The documentation for this plugin is available as part of InvenHost Docs.

This project's public epic is located in the main plugin repo.

TODO for 1.0

  • Add settings UI for permissions - 0.5
  • Request approvals - 0.6
  • Make rulesets configurable per model / dynamic conditions / group rulesets - 0.7
  • Finish docs
  • Add more transaction rulesets (SO, RO) - 0.9


Requires Python: >=3.9
2024-03-19 23:46:45 +00:00
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